The Doctor

sergeBPDr. Serge Balon-Perin  lives in Brussels, Belgium and is specialized in functional medicine and nutrition. Dr. Balon-Perin briefly started his medical career researching obesity and endocrinology at the Catholic University of Louvain before deciding that what he really wanted to devote himself to was functional medicine and nutrition within his own private practice. This was quite revolutionary in the late 1980s however his practice quickly grew.   Dr. Balon-Perin’s patients come from all walks of life, from professional golfers (Nicolas Coelsarts) and football stars (he was the official nutritionist for RSC Anderlecht for 10 years), seeking to attain their best physical form, to people struggling with digestive problems and with excess weight.

Dr. Balon-Perin developed the ChronoAsian Method and published his book on it in 2013.

Dr. Balon-Perin is a long time member of the BASO (Belgian Association for Study in Obesity), teaches nutrition at the Belgian College of Osteopathy and serves on the scientific committee of a leading European medical analysis laboratory specialized in nutritional biology.

During his free time, he enjoys mountain biking and composing music.

The Coach

claudiaHClaudia Hoenig, is a health coach, focused on weight management. She has a Masters of Science degree in Coaching Psychology from the University of East London.   Claudia is Canadian but has lived in Brussels, Belgium for many years and collaborates closely with Dr. Balon-Perin.   She has developed the recipes and menus for both books and has written a new chapter for the English version, focused on motivation and strategies to deal with typical weight loss and maintenance barriers.

Claudia loves going on holiday, curling up to a good book, playing tennis and trying out new recipes and restaurants.