How to Eat ?

Reaching your ideal and healthy weight and maintaining it involves more than just modifying what you eat. It goes hand in hand with making changes to how you eat.

Did you know that eating quickly and not paying attention to what you eat when you eat it (eating mindlessly) could be one of the factors that contribute to your struggle with your weight ? Eating too quickly doesn’t give your body time to let your brain know how much food will satisfy you physically.

But what about psychological satisfaction ?

If your attention is elsewhere during a meal or a snack (tv, computer, lost in your thoughts) you’ve missed out on the experience and taste. You might be taking that second helping because you’ve missed out on the pleasure during your first plate !

Making small manageable changes to how you eat can lead to huge results! Here are 2 suggestions to get you started.

  1. When you eat, only eat. Say goodbye to multitasking while eating ! If this seems hard to do (especially if you eat your meals alone) start with 1 meal a day.
  2. Another great way to slow down is to put down your cutlery (or finger food) while chewing. Only pick them up again once you’ve swallowed. Again, make it easy for yourself and start off slowly.