As the level of obesity and weight gain continues to soar in many regions, the medical field has started to search for answers in areas such as functional medicine, chronobiology and psychology to find answers and solutions.   I have merely brought together the findings that I feel are the most compelling.

This method isn’t about magic; it’s about science.

I’ve combined the latest scientific findings from:

  • Studies on benefits of the South Asian nutritional diet
  • Chrono-nutrition research
  • Microbiota research
  • Studies on motivation and strategies to promote long term eating behavior changes.

Around the World

map of the world made of white rice on bamboo wood background

Southeast-Asian eating habits heavily influences the ChronoAsian Method. Why? Because countries such as Japan, Korea, and Thailand have modern and developed economies yet their obesity and overweight rates are amongst the lowest in the world, as are their levels of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, many cancers and diabetes. These rates are not linked to genetic differences or wealth but to what they eat!

The ChronoAsian method is therefore inspired by many elements of their diet and has blended them into all styles of cuisine from around the world. Over 70 recipes are included in the English version of my book, which we are preparing, but in the meantime check out some of the recipes already available here on the site.