When negative thoughts are driving you to food (and it’s probably not apples!)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAidAAAAJGQ5YWQ3ZmUyLWFjNDAtNGZmMi05ZGNmLWE0ZTNiNzRlMWE4OAToday, I happened to come across Daniel Goleman’s article  ” Positive- Negative, It’s your choice”.  As I read it, I was struck by its relevance to weight loss and maintenance.   So many of us are driven to unplanned or overeating by our negative thoughts which in turn trigger ‘negative’/uncomfortable emotions .   I love his 3 steps to redirect the negative to positive (which don’t include eating something!)  The context is  work-orientated but you  can use it for any context.  It’s a question of habit.  As Goleman states “Just as repeatedly thinking about mistakes reinforces the brain path to future negative thoughts, you can strengthen the connections to positive ones.”

Here are his 3 steps:

1) Notice your mind is focused on negative thoughts, perhaps the downturn in sales, or that you’re complaining to an officemate about your recent less-than-stellar performance review.

2) Redirect your attention to something positive in the moment, such as the warmth of the coffee cup in your hand or an appreciative email message you received from a coworker.

3) Consider positive interpretations of the situation that felt negative. Was the downturn in sales related to a one-time situation that has now changed? Will the new marketing plan boost sales? The performance review wasn’t all bad. Remind yourself of the positive comments, and tell your officemate about some concrete actions you will take to improve.

Check out the whole article (it’s not long!)


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